Lifestyle Project: Rodeo Thing

This growing body of work is a documentation of the Rodeo subculture that excites the west, from the humble ranch rodeo, through college and professional events. While many photographers in this realm search for the moment of perfect form (and, for clients, this is an image I have to take as well) I prefer to seek the moment of drama, both victory and painful defeat. I also turn my lens on the background; the country fair environment that grows around the events, and the preparation the athletes take behind the scenes. Note: These images can be raw. Some images of the animals are included in the work to paint a more complete picture of the subject lifestyle, yet this inclusion is not an endorsement nor is it an expose, simply a snapshot of how it was at the time the shutter was pressed. There are many images here, too many to take in a single viewing, and the project will continue to grow. (Photos ©Emberlight Imagery; All Right Reserved)

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Categories: LifeStyle, Personal Project

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